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How Much Does It Cost To Hire The Best Pest Control Or Best Exterminator In Lexington, SC

When it comes to pest control and extermination services in Lexington, South Carolina, the exterminator cost can be a significant factor in deciding which company to hire. If you live in Lexington, South Carolina, and are looking for the best pest control and exterminating services, it's a good idea to understand how much it will cost. We will discuss the costs of hiring Lamp's Pest Solutions, which in our biased opinion absolutely the best pest control and exterminator in Lexington, South Carolina.

What Services Does Lamp's Pest Solutions Provide?

Lamp's Pest Solutions provides various services to help keep your home or business pest-free. We offer Quarterly Pest Control, Bedbug Treatment, Rodent Control, and flea exterminating services. Our Quarterly Pest Control service uses the most effective products to keep your space free from pests. We also provide Bedbug Treatment services to help you get rid of bedbugs quickly and safely. Our Rodent Control service helps eliminate mice, and rats, from your home or business.

At Lamp's Pest Solutions, we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. We are locally owned and family-operated, so you can trust that you will receive personalized attention for your pest control needs.

Pest Control Services We Provide

  • Monthly Pest Control Services

  • Every Other Month Exterminating Service

  • Quarterly Pest Control Services (most common For household pests)

  • Flea Exterminator

  • Bed bug Treatments

  • Mice Trapping

  • Rat Trapping

  • Ant Treatments

What Factors Influence the Cost of Pest Control Services?

The best Pest control services in Lexington, SC, can vary in cost depending on the type of pest, the severity of the infestation, and the size of the area that needs to be treated.

The type of treatment used also affects how much pest exterminators cost, with more complex exterminating services, such as Bed bug thermal heat treatments costing more than straightforward treatments like a one-time pest control treatment for palmetto bugs. In addition, some pests require multiple visits for complete eradication, which can increase overall costs.

When it comes to residential pest control services, location is also a factor. A home needing pest control in Lexington, SC, will be less expensive to have Lamp's Pest Solutions than the same type of pest control treatment in a far-off place such as Denmark, SC, since it will cost Lamp's Pest Solutions more to get to the location.

How Much Does A Quarterly Pest Control Service Cost From Lamp's Pest Solutions

Lamp's Pest Solutions offers an initial quarterly pest control service for $195 and a small monthly investment of $39 for homes less than 2500 square feet. This plan includes four scheduled pest control services per year.

Understanding the behavior of the bugs and weather patterns of Lexington, your friendly exterminator from Lamp's Pest Solutions will provide you with the best pest control services in Lexington, SC, and the best pest control companies in surrounding areas.

What does The Quarterly pest control Service look like when performed by Lamp's Pest Solutions?

Lamp's Pest Solutions offers a Quarterly Pest Control Service that is comprised of four services per year. This plan includes quarterly pest inspections and general pest control, as well as applying effective and safe products to keep your space free from pests. The service also includes treatment of the crawlspace, siding, weep holes, and eves.

At Lamp's Pest Solutions, we understand that you need pest control that fits your schedule. We guarantee results and provide friendly customer service to ensure you get the best experience possible. Our team of specialized exterminators is here to help eliminate unwanted pests in your home or business.

If you're looking for a reliable pest control provider in Lexington, look no further than Lamp's Pest Solutions!

Overall, Lamp's Pest Solutions provides the best pest control services at competitive prices. With our initial visit and monthly fees, customers can get four services per year to keep their homes free of pests.

What Pests Are Covered With Quarterly Pest control Services?

We strive to be the best pest control and exterminator in Lexington, South Carolina, so every other month, pest control service or our quarterly pest control service we perform is focusing our exterminating services to keep the following bugs out of your home.

  • Spiders

  • ants

  • palmetto bugs/ water bugs

  • crickets

  • large cockroaches

  • earwigs

  • sowbugs

  • pillbugs

What Type of Warranty Is There On The Quarterly Pest control Service

We want to be known as Lexington's best pest control and exterminator and we are so confident in our abilities to be the best in the pest problems in Lexington and the surrounding areas of Lexington that we offer a great warranty that you can't go wrong with.

Lamp's offers a no-risk, money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with their work.

If you still see pests covered under the quarterly pest control service, call us, and we will come back with absolutely free and perform another treatment at no cost to you. We will come back to eliminate the pest problem.

If you are still not satisfied, we will return your last monthly payment, plus we will give you $25.00

• Lamp's offers a no-risk, no-nonsense money-back guarantee.

• If not satisfied with pest control services, Lamp's will re-treat the home until expectations are met.

• Last monthly service charge plus $25.00 refunded if still unsatisfied.


• Lamp’s Pest Solutions provides Quarterly Pest Control, Bedbug Treatment, Rodent Control, and Flea Exterminating services in Lexington, SC.

• Factors that influence the cost of pest control services include pest type and severity of the infestation, size of area needing treatment, type of treatment used, and location.

• Lamp's Pest Solutions offers an initial quarterly pest control service for $195 and a small monthly investment of $39. on homes less than 2500 SF

• The service covers Spiders, Ants, Palmetto Bugs/Water Bugs, Crickets, Large Cockroaches, Earwigs, Sowbugs, and Pillbugs.

• Lamp's Pest Solutions offers a no-risk money-back guarantee with re-treatment until expectations are met, plus a refund if still unsatisfied.

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