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Home Pest Control in Lexington, SC

Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions For Columbia & Lexington, SC

Here at Lamp's Pest Solutions, we are a full-service pest control company dedicated to providing comprehensive pest control services for homeowners in Lexington, Columbia, and the Midlands of South Carolina. Unlike other pest control companies, we aren't content to just provide a less-than-quality service and hope for the best. Instead, when you partner with us, we'll take the time to get to know the specific needs of your home and property and provide a customized pest control plan that is the right fit for you and your family! For quality pest control and prevention you can trust to get the job done right, partner with the trusted Columbia and Lexington pest control experts at Lamp's!

Our Home Pest Control Options

When you partner with Lamp's Pest Solutions, you'll receive only the best of the best! Offering both one-time pest control services and monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest control treatments as well as fully customized home pest control plans, we can meet all your residential pest control needs. Just give us a call!

Thorough Pest Control Inspections

Before beginning our pest control process, we'll talk to you to gain insight into your pest problem and perform a thorough initial inspection of your home and yard to inspect for pest evidence, look for ways that pests could be gaining access into your home, and locate any conditions conducive to pest infestations.

One-Time Pest Control Services

Looking for a one-off solution to a current pest problem you're experiencing in your home? At Lamp's Pest Solutions, we've got you covered! With our effective one-time pest control solutions, you can find the pest relief you're looking for without the worry of getting locked into an ongoing service plan you don't need.

Basic Quarterly Pest Control Plan

At Lamp's, we offer three levels of pest protection in the form of our Quarterly Pest Control Plans, the first being our Basic Quarterly Plan. At $175 initial and $35 /month, this plan is comprised of four services per year and includes: quarterly pests inspections, quarterly general pest control treatments, a 21-point service checklist, exterior spider web knock-down services, free re-services, our NO-NONSENSE, Money-Back Guarantee, and coverage for 10 common South Carolina pests to ensure that your home is protected.

*Pests covered under our Basic Quarterly Plan include: ants (excluding carpenter ants), boxelder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, millipedes, pillbugs, sowbugs, and spiders (including black widow spiders).

Our 100% NO-NONSENSE Warranty

At Lamp's, we are 100% confident you will be satisfied with the work we do, and we prove it by offering a NO RISK, NO-NONSENSE, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE that is unmatched by any of our local competitors. If you partner with us for one of our monthly or quarterly pest control plans and are not 100% happy, we’ll keep coming back to re-treat your home until you're completely satisfied, and if we still can’t meet your expectations, we'll refund your last monthly service charge PLUS an extra $25.00 for your time and trouble!

Specialty Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Control

At Lamp's Pest Solutions, we offer whole-house bed bug control treatments in South Carolina, This includes heat treatments in the form of steam as well as the application of bed bug control products and focused vacuuming. Performed as three separate treatments every two weeks, our 90-day warranty goes into effect after the third treatment.

Fire Ant Control

Offered as a one-time service option, we provide quality fire ant control services in South Carolina that will quickly resolve the fire ant problem on your property. During this targeted fire ant service, we'll apply bait around your property and may perform an exterior liquid treatment designed to eliminate fire ants, depending on your exact needs.

Flea Control

To protect South Carolina families and pets from the threat of fleas, we offer one-time flea control services. This process includes the application of specialized flea control product to the interior of your home as well as exterior yard treatments to deter flea populations on your property. This service comes with a 60-day warranty.

Mosquito Control

Offered as both a one-time and monthly service, we provide thorough inspections to address common problem areas like standing water and shrubs as well as quality mosquito control options in the form of larvacide and backpack misting treatments to ensure that your home and property remains mosquito-free.

Rodent Control

To keep rodents like mice and rats out of your home in the Midlands of South Carolina, we offer professional rodent inspections to determine the root and severity of your rodent problem as well as rodent baiting, trapping, and exclusion services to meet all of your South Carolina rodent control needs. This service does not come with a warranty.

Stinging Insect Control

Including coverage for bumble bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps, our South Carolina stinging insect control services may include dusting treatments, aerial treatments, liquid treatments, and nest removal, if located on your home. After service, we'll perform a follow-up visit in two weeks to ensure your problem has been resolved.

Get Started With Quality Pest Protection From Lamp’s Pest Solutions!

Being a family-owned and operated company, the team here at Lamp's Pest Solutions pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and offering effective and fairly-priced pest control options to meet all your pest control needs. In addition, our initial service visits include a thorough inspection to locate any problem areas and determine the source of the infestation. During our visit, we'll offer advice on sanitation and structural issues that may be contributing to your pest problems or lead to future infestations. Lastly, we use only EPA-registered pest control products and our treatments are designed to prevent pests from getting inside your home or business, guaranteed! 

With our quality services, friendly, local service, and our NO-NONSENSE, MONEY-BACK WARRANTY, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better pest control provider in Lexington, Columbia, and throughout the Midlands of South Carolina. To get started with one of our professional residential pest control plans in South Carolina, give us a call at Lamp's Pest Solutions today!

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