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Ant Control

Effective Ant Solutions For Lexington & Columbia, SC

If you’ve ever had ants in your house, you know how frustrating it is to get rid of a few only to find others everywhere you turn. Even if they’re simply a nuisance, they are not a pest you want inside your home. Furthermore, if fire ants have made their nests in your yard, your family is at risk of being covered in painful and dangerous stings. Getting rid of any type of ant is no easy task, but Lamp’s Pest Solutions can eliminate ants effectively and safely.

Our Ant Control Process


Before performing any treatment, we’ll inspect the exterior of your home. This investigation allows us to identify fire ant mounds, look for ant activity around your house, and find any entry points they're using to get inside.

Once we have an idea of the type of ant we’re dealing with and where the activity is taking place, we can develop a treatment plan that will be most effective for your needs.


We offer two types of ant treatments, depending on the type of ant that is causing problems. Our services include home-invading ant treatments and fire ant treatments.

For home-invading ants, we’ll apply a liquid non-repellent around the exterior of your house, as well as place gel baits in strategic locations. The ants will take these products back to their nest, eradicating the entire colony.

For fire ants, we apply a granular bait that they bring back to their nest to eliminate the entire colony. We can also perform a mound drenching, which involves putting a liquid product into the fire ant mound itself.

Follow-Up Service

We’ll return two to three weeks after your initial treatment to perform a re-treatment for home-invading ants. Fire ant treatments typically only require the initial service. We do recommend subscribing to our recurring services allowing us to take care of ants and other common pests on a regular schedule. These service visits prevent new infestations from occurring in the future.

Ants Don’t Have To Be A Problem

Whether you have nuisance ants in your house or fire ants in your yard, Lamp’s Pest Solutions can get rid of them. Our ant control services are thorough and effective. If you’re ready to end the fight with the ants on your South Carolina property, contact Lamp’s Pest Solutions today.

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