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What Lexington Homeowners Ought to Know About Odorous House Ants

Unless you live deep in the Arctic, you’re likely to find ants just about anywhere. These pests are characterized by having six legs, a pair of antennae, and large eyes, and there are estimated to be over 10,000 species in existence. Two of the most commonly seen in homes in this region are the odorous house ant and the Argentine ant.

Recognizing Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants (Tapinoma sessile) are small, rarely exceeding 3/16th of an inch, and have a smooth brown or black appearance. When these ants are crushed, they will emit a foul odor that resembles the smell of rotten coconut. Their small size allows them to easily move indoors to seek food or shelter, and they commonly nest in areas that offer warmth, moisture, and access to pantries.

Are They A Risk To Human Health?

Similar to many types of ants, Odorous house ants are viewed as a nuisance that does not present a significant threat to human health, but these pests can contaminate food as they forage throughout a home, so be careful!

Indicators Of A Potential Infestation

The most obvious sign of an odorous house ant infestation is noticing their search for food, which they will do during the day or night. Outdoor nests are often positioned just below the surface in soil and may also exist in piles of wood, under rocks, or similar debris. You may recognize trails created by these pests in sidewalk areas or see swarms of winged ants that congregate as part of their mating process.

Best Practices For Prevention

  • Limit crumbs and promptly remove spills from countertops and floor areas.

  • Place leftover food in sealable containers and do not leave dirty dishes out during the night.

  • Inspect the exterior of the property, fill any holes or cracks, and ensure windows and doors are properly sealed.

  • Prevent standing water or other excessive moisture by properly maintaining gutters and repairing leaks from faucets or pipes.

Do I Need Assistance From A Professional Pest Controller?

Avoid making the mistakes that many area homeowners do when they first recognize the signs of potential pest intrusion. Some people will consider purchasing some of the many mass-marketed do-it-yourself (DIY) products being peddled as an effective solution. The reality is that many of these options contain volatile chemicals that may be harmful and are incapable of thoroughly exterminating large colonies of pests.

Many of the DIY home remedies will only kill the bugs that are positioned a distance from the core of the infestation. Meanwhile, the bulk of the pests will temporarily retreat to safety by burrowing within walls, beneath floors, or other areas.

Experienced Provider Of Pest Extermination Services In Lexington

For more than a decade now, the family-owned team of local experts at Lamp's Pest Solutions has been delivering results for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in this region. We not only eradicate the presence of pests including ants, but we also identify any conditions on the premises that make it susceptible to future intrusions. Our results are now backed by our 100% No-Nonsense Warranty that will ensure your overall satisfaction.

Did you know that we now offer customized ongoing home pest control plans? These protection programs involve a technician visiting your home on either a monthly, b-monthly, or quarterly interval to prevent and eliminate ants from the property. Keep in mind that we are also committed to the safety of our customers and the environment by only using products that are EPA-registered. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

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