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Lamp's Pest Solutions: Bed Bug Treatment with Exceptional Pest Control Service.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Bd with white covers a womans hand holding a maginifying glass with a bed bug in the center. Top right corner is the logo of Lamp's Pest Solutions
Bed Bug Treatment

When it comes to affordable pricing, Lamp's Pest Solutions stands out as a leading option in Lexington and Greater Columbia. Their comprehensive bed bug treatment plan offers exceptional value that is comparable to half price pest control when considering the services provided and the results achieved.

Lamp's Pest Solutions Standard Bed Bug Treatment

Lamp's Pest Solutions offers a thorough bed bug treatment plan that includes:

  1. Three treatments spread over six weeks. Your home will receive three treatments at approximately two-week intervals, ensuring that all life stages of bed bugs are effectively targeted and eliminated.

  2. Triple-action approach. Lamp's Pest Solutions uses three techniques during each treatment:

    • Heat in the form of steam: This method kills bed bugs at all life stages, including eggs, without the use of chemicals.

    • Focused vacuuming: This technique removes bed bugs from their hiding spots, ensuring they're exposed to treatments.

    • Application of bed bug killing products: These products target any remaining bed bugs, preventing future infestations.

  1. Whole house treatment. Lamp's Pest Solutions treats your entire home, leaving no room for bed bugs to escape or re-infest other areas.

  2. 90-day warranty. After the third treatment, Lamp's Pest Solutions provides a 90-day warranty, giving you peace of mind that your home is truly bed bug-free.

What Are Bed Bugs And What Do They Feed On?

Bed bugs, small insects measuring 5-7 mm in length, are known for their habit of feeding on the blood of both humans and animals. Their reddish-brown coloration is characteristic of adult bed bugs. These pests can be found in various locations, but they are particularly common in areas associated with sleep, such as bedding, mattresses, and bed frames.

Comparing Lamp's Pest Solutions to Other Pest Control Companies

When you compare Lamp's Pest Solutions' comprehensive bed bug treatment plan to other Lexington SC pest control companies that only offer basic chemical spraying, it's clear that Lamp's Pest Solutions delivers exceptional value. Their combination of multiple treatments, a triple-action approach, whole house treatment, and a 90-day warranty makes their service feel like half price pest control while providing superior results.

Choose Lamp's Pest Solutions for your bed bug extermination needs and experience the difference that their affordable and effective services can make in your home.

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