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How Long Do Spiders Live in Lexington, SC Homes?

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How Long Do Spiders Live In Lexington, South Carolina

Spiders are often considered unwelcome house guests in Lexington, SC, making our skin crawl at the mere thought of them. So, it's natural to wonder: how long do spiders live, or how long do these eight-legged creatures live in our homes?

The average house spider's lifespan ranges from 1-2 years, which might seem like an eternity for some. In this blog post, we'll dive into some fascinating facts about spiders, discuss how they can actually be helpful, and offer tips for humane spider control with Lamp's Pest Solutions, a trusted pest control service in Lexington, SC.

Fascinating Facts About House Spiders

While spiders might be unwanted in our homes, it's essential to know more about these eight-legged roommates that we might be sharing our space with for a couple of years.

  • Spiders are ancient creatures – The spiders commonly found in our homes are descendants of species that lived many years ago, predating dinosaurs. So, remember they were here first, even if you feel they're invading your space.

  • Putting a house spider outside could be fatal – Catching a spider and releasing it outdoors may seem like the right thing to do, but if it's a true house spider, it may not survive outside its familiar environment.

  • Spiders don't use your plumbing to sneak inside – Although we often find spiders in sinks or bathtubs, modern drains have traps that stop spiders from getting through. Instead, they likely got stuck while searching for a water source.

  • House spiders aren't dangerous – The vast majority of house spiders pose little to no threat to humans, as they have no incentive to bite unless they feel threatened.

  • Spiders can be helpful – Believe it or not, spiders serve as a natural line of defense against other pests such as flies, moths, and aphids. This eliminates the need for chemical insecticides to control these pests in your home.

Humane Spider Control in Lexington, SC

If you absolutely can't stand having spiders in your home, it is possible to control them humanely with the help of Lamp's Pest Solutions, a reliable pest control service in Lexington, SC. You can naturally eliminate their favorite habitats by checking windows, gutters, and other places where spiders thrive and removing any cobwebs you find. This can drive them to different spots, such as garages or sheds instead.

If you're experiencing problems with house spiders, don't hesitate to contact Lamp's Pest Solutions for effective spider control in your Lexington, SC, home.

How Long Do Spiders Live In Your Home?

Most of the Lexington, South Carolina residents would all say One day is too long for a spider to live in their home. If that's you, its time to contact Lamp's Pest Solutions now

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