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Do You Need A Bed Bug Treatment in South Your Carolina Home?

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

If you live in South Carolina and think you may have bed bugs, you’re not alone. Bedbugs are actually quite common throughout the state, especially in Lexington SC, or the greater Columbia area.

The key to successfully treating bed bugs is to detect them as early as possible, requiring a thorough inspection by a professional exterminator. Dealing with bed bugs can be a stressful experience, but the right treatment plan by Lamp's Pest Solutions will help relieve your worries. There are several effective strategies available that can eradicate even the toughest infestations and leave your home feeling comfortable and safe again.

Bed Bug Inspections

Eliminating bed bugs should always involve Inspecting for bed bugs. A good bedbug inspection can help pinpoint the source of your bed bug problem and take preventive steps to ensure they don’t return.

If you live in Lexington or Columbia, South Carolina, and are dealing with bed bugs, it is important to find a quality bed bug exterminator who will properly inspect your home or business to determine the extent of the problem. Inspections from an experienced and knowledgeable exterminator can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration in trying to eradicate these pesky pests on your own. It is important to choose a bedbug exterminator that is seasoned in professional bedbug control services so you can rest assured that every last bed bug is gone from your home.

Don't Look For Free Bed Bug Inspection Near Me.

The last thing you want to do is search on your search engine of choice for a free bed bug inspection; what you will get most likely get is a Bed bug treatment salesperson instead of a person experienced in destroying these bugs.

Think about how they can make money with the price of gas and running a business today and offer free services. The only way is if they sell you a pest control service for bed bugs.

Many times a free bed bug inspection near me results in a scam. Trust me when I say I have heard of dishonest salespeople who put fear into people who think they have bed bugs by showing them something that is not related to bed bugs and telling them they need a bed bug treatment ASAP.

At Lamp's Pest Solutions, we can often determine if you have bed bugs through the modern phone. We have done numerous bed bug inspections through video conference calls and by sending photos through text. If we can not determine if you have bed bugs in your home through a phone call, we will recommend an on sight bed bug inspection. We will not do it for free, but we will charge a fair price for our professional pest control service. You can trust Lamp's Pest Solutions will give you the honest truth.

Common Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your South Carolina Home

Common signs of bed bugs include cast skins, smear marks, eggs, fecal stains, dead bed bugs, live bed bugs, and bites. As these small bugs feed on human blood and nest in mattresses, box springs, and furniture, they leave behind a variety of telltale signs.

Cast Skins

Cast skins are the shells bed bugs shed as they grow. These are often seen around mattress seams or other areas where the insects could be hiding—and they’re especially noticeable after the bug has recently fed and grown in size.

Smear Marks

Smear marks are an obvious sign you may be dealing with bed bugs. As someone moves around in their bed or furniture, an engorged bed bug may get smashed, and as a result, a smear mark is left behind.


If any eggs are found in an area where bedbugs have been detected, it is a sure sign that there is an infestation present. Bed bug eggs are white to off-white in color and approximately one millimeter long (about the size of a grain of rice). They typically hatch in about ten days after being laid by female adult bedbugs. If an infestation is severe enough, there may also be clusters of these eggs visible to the naked eye in dark corners and crevices around furnishings and other objects where bed bugs spend time resting during the day when not actively feeding on humans during nighttime hours.

Fecal Stains

Fecal stains from adult bedbugs will appear as reddish black spots on mattresses or furniture fabric as a result of them expelling digested blood along with their excrement following feeding time at night. The presence of these spots is also indicative of an active bed bug population.

Dead Bed Bugs

Dead bed bugs may also be found in areas where the pests have made themselves at home-regardless of whether humans living there know about it or not.

Live Bedbugs

Live bedbugs can often be seen crawling around furniture, mattresses, box springs, linens, etc, during nighttime hours when they come out searching for food - usually human blood! Because adult bed bugs measure only 4-5mm long (about 3/16th inch) they can easily go unnoticed unless you really know what you're looking for.

Bed Bug Bites

Bites from bedbugs can appear anywhere on the body depending upon location when sleeping and can range from red raised bumps to blisters depending upon skin sensitivity levels. If you wake up with multiple bite marks that itch intensely, then chances are good you've got yourself some unwanted guests sharing your space with you overnight!

It's important, however, that bites should not be relied upon exclusively for identification purposes as some people may never show any reaction at all while others might mistake something else entirely as being related to insect activity instead…which is why it's so important to look out for other signs such as cast skins Eggshells et cetera mentioned previously before making any assumptions about what type of pest might be invading your home!

Most Common Areas To Find Bed Bug Infestations In Your Home

Bed bug infestations in your home can be difficult to detect, as the bugs themselves are very small and often hide away in tiny crevices in furniture or bedding. A thorough inspection of a home is necessary to identify an infestation and determine its extent of it.

Upholstered furniture Often Conceal A Bed Bug infestation.

Upholstered furniture such as couches, chairs, and recliners should be inspected closely, paying particular attention to any seams or cracks where bugs may hide. Bed frames are also a common area for bed bug infestations, so all crevices around the frame should be checked carefully. Stains on mattress covers or bed sheets might indicate the presence of bed bugs; these should be examined for any DNA evidence. Box springs should also receive close inspections, especially around the edges and corners.


The mattress itself is often a target for bed bugs, so it is important to inspect this item thoroughly as well. Pay particular attention to any seams or folds in the fabric, as these offer ideal hiding spots for these bugs.

Personal Items

Personal items like clothing, backpacks, luggage, and stuffed animals can become infested if brought into contact with previously infected items–so careful inspection of these items is key.

Used Furniture

Used furniture can introduce bed bugs into the home, so extra caution should always be taken when bringing second-hand furniture into your abode.

Overall it is essential to remain vigilant when searching for signs of bed bug infestations in your home; regular checks will help ensure that any problems are caught early before they have a chance to worsen and spread further around your living space.

A Bed Bug Control Treatment To Completly Eradicate Bedbugs By Lamp's Pest Solutions

The first step to bed bug control is to assess the severity of the infestation. It is essential to accurately identify the species of bed bugs in order to determine the best course of treatment. Common signs of an infestation include the presence of droppings, dark spots, or tiny white eggs on mattresses and furniture. If these signs are present, pest control professionals at Lamp's Pest Solutions should be called in to assess the situation and recommend a course of bed bug treatments to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Once an infestation has been identified as a bed bug problem, our professional exterminators from Lamp's Pest Solutions can provide various treatments such as heat treatments, insecticides, dust, and even bed bug vacuuming to eradicate them completely.

Actually, Lamp's Pest Solutions uses all of the above tools in the treatment of bed bugs.

We Use the Following Techniques for the Treatment of bed bugs


  • Focused Bed Bug Vacuuming

  • Products designed to Kill bedbugs

Bed bug Heat treatments are gaining popularity due to their effectiveness at killing all stages of bed bugs - from eggs, nymphs, and adults - without leaving behind any residues. During this process, heat is applied by truck-mounted machines that raise room temperatures up to 140°F for several hours, which kills all stages of bed bugs in all life cycles.

In addition to providing bed bug heat treatments for bed bug extermination, professional pest control companies like Lamp's PestSolutions also utilize products to kill them. These products are effective at eliminating existing adult bug populations but may need multiple applications over a period of weeks or months before they can completely eliminate the infestation. Professional exterminators will typically rotate between different products every few weeks in order to ensure complete eradication of the problem.

A Bed Bug Treatment In South Carolina By Lamp's Pest Solutions Are Very Effective At Bed Bug Control. Offering

Our pest control technicians know that the best way to get rid of bedbugs in Lexington SC , is by using a variety of techniques is the best way to get rid of bedbugs for good

Bed Bug Heat treatments

We use heat treatments as one way to get rid of bed bugs. We use steam to will kill bed bugs and eggs instantly.

Bed Bug Control By Focused Vacuuming

Every bed bug egg, nymph, and adult we vacuum up and remove from your home is one less bloodsucker you have to worry about at night.

Application of Bed Bug Killing Products To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Lamp's Pest Solutions bed bug

Finally, once an infestation has been successfully eliminated, it is important to take preventative measures against future infestations through regular cleaning practices such as vacuuming carpets and furniture frequently; using mattress covers; keeping clutter away from sleeping areas; sealing cracks around windows and doors; inspecting secondhand items such as furniture and clothing purchased from thrift stores carefully; and avoiding bringing used furniture into your home unless it’s treated by a professional exterminator first. Taking preventative measures along with utilizing expert pest control services can help keep your home free from bed bug problems for good!

To Eliminate Every Bed Bug In South Carolina is the Desire of Lamp's Pest Solutions

We are a highly-rated pest control company ready to perform your bed bug treatment Lexington SC or anywhere we treat bed bugs in SC.

Call or contact Lamp's Pest Solutions Today to schedule your bed bug inspection or bed bug treatment.

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