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The Best Way To Deal With Bed Bugs In Your Lexington Home

September 15, 2020 - Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a type of pest that can be a big problem if they invade your home. While some pests are mostly just a nuisance, bed bugs can pose some health risks. They are also extremely difficult to get rid of. While you likely have heard of bed bugs, not everyone knows what they look like or understands how they get inside. The easiest way to understand them is to think of them as bloodsucking hitchhikers who attach themselves to things like luggage and furniture and make their way indoors. Also, while you may have heard that the human eye can’t see bed bugs, you can see them even though they are small.

Bed bugs:

  • Are about the size of an apple seed
  • Have flat bodies until after they’ve eaten
  • Are a reddish-brown color

If you’ve found bed bugs around your Lexington home, you might assume that the best thing to do is try to get rid of them yourself. While it’s true that you should address bed bug infestations right away, DIY methods aren’t very effective.

Many homeowners try to remove bed bugs on their own for various reasons, but the most common is that they assume this is the cheapest way. However, in reality, this isn’t the case. Do-it-yourself bed bug removal options can be quite costly for a few reasons.

Why Are DIY Methods So Expensive?

There are many ways that homeowners try to remove bed bugs on their own, but some of the most common are applying pesticides, making kill chambers, and using traps.
The exact cost of each of these products will vary from place to place, and the amount of product you’ll need to buy also varies based on how bad the infestation is and how big your home is. However, even with smaller infestations, the costs can start to add up.

The majority of the time, when homeowners try to get rid of bed bugs on their own, they keep coming back. These DIY control methods usually don’t eliminate the entire infestation. You need to destroy every bed bug, and all their eggs or the problem will return.

DIY strategies lead to a lot of lost time and money, as well as the stress of continually trying to remove the infestation.

Why Professional Services Are More Effective

While you might assume it’s cheaper to address the problem on your own, professional bed bug services from Lamp’s Pest Solutions are much more effective and cost less money. Our professional team will get rid of the bed bugs completely, so you won’t have to keep buying products to deal with them.

Our bed bug control program is more effective because we offer a multi-step, in-depth approach that includes:

  1. An interior inspection where we assess the infestation
  2. A heat treatment that targets all areas of your home where bed bugs can hide
  3. Focused vacuuming that ensures the removal of all the eggs
  4. Product application where we provide follow-up services to make sure all of the bed bugs are gone

Get The Best In Bed Bug Control

If bed bugs have invaded your Lexington home, getting help to remove them right away is essential. The infestation will continue to grow and become more of a problem if you don't address it. You do not have to keep living with these nasty pests; Lamp’s Pest Solutions offers effective bed bug control services. We will remove all bed bugs, so you don’t have to keep dealing with them. Discover more about our services, or get a quote today by giving us a call or contacting us online.

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